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Thursday, December 2, 2021

An Indian Farmer

      An Indian Farmer


        भारतीय शेतकरी
            India is a land of villages. The main occupation of the people in the villages is farming and agriculture. The farmer is a very important person. He helps to grow food for us. Yet, he leads a hard and simple life. The farmer's day begins before sunrise. He set out for his field with his plough and bullocks. He ploughs his field, sows the seed and waters it. Later he collects the harvest. The farmer does different work in different seasons.
The farmer guards the crops against stray cattle and thieves. Bullocks are an important asset for the Indian farmer. Sometimes his wife and children help him in the farm. The farmer is poor. Sometimes he cannot even have two square meals in a day. He cannot give proper education to his children. The farmer's wife helps in the field. The farmer lives in a thatched hut. The Indian farmer celebrates festivals in a simple manner. He celebrates Diwali, Pola, Holi and births and marriages of his children. Nowadays modern machinery and technology in farming to a great extent. It has made the famer's life easier. Now he is able to grow more and a variety of crops in a short time. The government also comes up with different schemes and facilities for the farmers. Therefore, the condition of the farmer, though still poor, is improving gradually.

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